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Royal Vendors 804 soda vending machine for sale in California. It's in great condition and working with no issues. 8 selections.
For sale in California, This is a Used 2013 HYC950 combo snack & drink Healthy You vending machine with entree. It has Apple pay credit card reader and is in good condition. For the machine only $2500.
For sale in California, this is a Dixie Narco can / bottle soda & water vending machine with a classic Pepsi front and 6 selections. Works fine. .
For sale in California- this is a lot of (2) 2017 electronic combo HY2100 Healthy You vending machines, one with side entree merchandiser. Both come with eport card readers. Machines accept $1.00 bills, $5.00 bills, coins, Apple Pay and credit/debit cards. Great condition! .
For sale in California- this is a Wittern Model 3753 electronic snack vending machine. It has been barely used, if at all. Never used in a location. Works great. . Machine Minimums / Shipping Limitations
For sale in California- this is a USI CD8 model 3037 electronic soda vending machine. Has a nice beach front graphic and 8 selections. Machine Minimums / Shipping Limitations
For sale in California is this great condition FSI Model 3141 electronic glassfront snack vending machine Seller is original owner, new in 2000. Very well taken care of, in the seller's place of business. Never kicked or banged on. See details! Not Credit Card Compatible. Machine Minimums / Shipping Limitations
The Seaga VC630 electronic snack & drink vending machines have 20 snack & 6 drink selections with bill validators. Seller is original owner; machines were used for 4 months and are in like new to very good condition. each. Machine Minimums / Shipping Limitations
The Dixie Narco 600E is a 9 selection drink vending machine. It vends 16-20 oz. bottles, 12-16 oz. cans. This machine can be configured to vend and combination of bottles and/or cans. If your setup requires more parts.
This is a 45 selection bottle drop soda vendor, Dixie Narco DN5591. It is in very good condition and features a credit card acceptor. . Machine Minimums / Shipping Limitations
For sale in California- (1) USI 3129 glassfront snack vending machine with 35 selections & (1) full size 9 selection soda / water vending machine with Intellivend.
For sale in California- here are (8) 2015 fully electronic vending machines that make fresh squeezed orange juice. It s simple, just fill it up with orange and it s automatically squeezes a cup of orange juice. The machine comes in two sizes as big as a household refrigerator, capability to squeeze 80 cups of 12oz orange juice with one filling. See details! $7,600 for larger machine. Price belo...
SPECIAL!!! These machines are in good condition; however, some of the lights on the soda machine do not work. Soda machine has a nice beach front / palm tree front; snack machine has glassfront. Machines have bill validators. Machine Minimums / Shipping Limitations
Machines have 24 refrigerated snack & 9 hot beverage selections; seller is original owner; 3 machines are new, never used, 3 are used. Machine Minimums / Shipping Limitations
Available in this listing are (1) - Snackshop 500 model 520 D907 snack vending machine with 20 selections and 208 unit capacity; (1) - Royal Vendors model RVCDE 552-8 soda vending machine with 8 selections and 552 item capacity. Machines in good condition.
SPECIAL!!! Available are a Dixie Narco soda machine; Vendo soda machine; electrical snack machine. All are in good condition- however, the Vendo machine has been known to occasionally dispense more than 1 can at a time. . Machine Minimums / Shipping Limitations
(8) - 2009 Planet Antares Office Deli machines have 38 selections of snack, beverage and entree. Seller is original owner; machines were used for less than 1 year and are in like new condition. . Machine Minimums / Shipping Limitations
Here are (8) OranFresh Cold Pressed Orange Juice vending machines. Thanks to the large window in the front, you can easily observe the Cold Press Juicing process. These machines are listed as (7-like new) (1-Very Good condition.) See details for specs. Seller welcomes offers if you buy all 8. for like new machines, $3,000 for very good condition machine.
2007 Wonder Pizza Vending Machine for sale in California! The innovative machine holds, cooks and serves 9" whole pizza pies in just 2 minutes. See details for specs!
For sale in California- 19 selection USI snack machine with satellite 6 selection drink machine in working condition. Only vends 12oz cans. Working validator $1 bill only can be upgraded to MEI to accept $5's and 10's if desired. .
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