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Please message me with any leads you have on full loaded/optioned front seats, and full interior in Cinnamon for e46 m3 coupe. Thank you
Any one know anyone that has a lot of sunvisor brackets, visor end pieces, center brackets by the lot. Have a bout 120 visors without outside trim 52 in Moldings/ trim, fasteners. oldie62- Greg 323-599-6220
Looking to purchase or trade stingray sport hood for a Mojave or rubicon hood. I will add cash to the trade. Or buy it right out. Let me know if you have one or where could I find a factory one. I appreciate any leads or assistance with this.
Looking for a set of four 19" black Pretoria wheels with tires in the SoCal area. Prefer as new as possible with no damage. Thank you!
Looking for a 1977 FJ40 Rear Lift Gate to be able to ship to Grand Rapids MI.
Hi Everyone. I'm looking for four of these. For two cars. Anybody have them? Thanks.
Looking to buy a set of BBS E88's for the GT4. Would prefer used with or without tires. I'm not looking for brand new unless you can guarantee me delivery in the next month or less.
I am in dire need of an alternator to get back to work. Ive been out of work for the past 2 weeks. This is something major that I need help with.
Hey guys I'm looking for a single 36 Dellorto DRLA carb body. If you have a body or an entire clapped out carb that needs rebuilding please let me know. Thank you much, NAES
I have a 1953 Chevy 1/2 ton 235 , I need the shifting linkage rods from the shift box on the column to the transmission Steve 725-266-5330
ISO 10/76 build 1977 MY VSV box, before going to $OR. Thanks!
looking for h55f with all swap stuff. bell housing, clutch pedal, shifter, clutch folk. any parts for swap 5speed.
I need the Taillamps Filament monitor (Saab 4669065) from 94 to 98 Saab 9000. Its a white module in the cargo area of the vehicle on the left side. It under the carpet in the cargo area attached to the antenna bracket.
I'm getting my family bus back on the road and that turn signal is on it's last legs. The one I'm looking for is specifically for the 1974 only - German made bus. Obv. I'm expecting the price to more than $1! :-) _________________ 1974 VW Camper/Westfalia
Looking for a complete front axle assembly for a 95-97 LC. Let me know what you have and price. Feel free to PM too. Thank you
I need one cb performance rocker shaft. Its for their 1.4 s. Need the one a few years old. I did something stupid and messed mine up. They told me they dont sell them. The one I was sent as replacement is wider.
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