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I am looking for a coffee urn for my daughters wedding reception. Hoping someone has one they no longer need. Something like the type in the attached image but it doesn t matter what brand. Thanks!
All types! Especially if you have the wardrobe boxes.
We have an older security system that I'm trying to get online, need a non-Bluetooth USB mouse to interface, thanks!
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Trying to put together, everything for a fishing trip. If you have Tackle, Rods, Starting from scratch, so all is welcome TIA
last weekPasadena, CA+9 milesFree StuffWantedReport Listing
In need of a 2-parent baby monitor with talk back capability and audio only. Non-wifi please. Battery operated or plug in please. Thank you!
last weekPasadena, CA+9 milesFree StuffWantedReport Listing
Hello all! I am a single mom living in DV shelter. My son is need of school close size 5t/6. He is in pre school. And shoes size ten (toddler). (SideNote!) I know this is a huge ask but if you or anyone you know has a reliable used car, they no longer want and would like to donate to my small family of 2. It would be greatly appreciated ?. Everything with peace and love.
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This group is looking for local moderators. Being a moderator won't take up much of your time but does require some dedication. There is a lot of support available, it's fun, and it's a small thing that can make such a big difference. Interested? Please visit the link below for more information and an online application form (you may need to copy and paste the link into your brows...
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Creating a drought tolerant front yard this fall on a budget. Looking for gravel,bricks, sand, river rock,. Tired of wasting water on a yard that no one walks on!! Thank you!
Wanted for when my daughter's foster child comes to visit me
Does anyone have a simple jewelry box they are looking to rehome?
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I need iPhone 6 Plus (the bigger one) case and screen protector and Popsocket if you have it too.
last weekWestwood, CA+12 milesFree StuffWantedReport Listing
Hello friends. I need a working Qi compatible wireless charger. Thanks.
last weekWilmington, CA+18 milesFree StuffWantedReport Listing
Please, if you have one gathering dust. For down time at work. Thank you!
In need of any moving boxes and packing supplies you may no longer have a need for. Thanks!
Anyone have a small canopy to protect little toddlers in outdoor play?! Thank you!
I need a heavy duty ice cooler, doesn t matter the condition as long as it doesn t have leaks, I go to a monthly camping trip that lasts four days and could really use a plastic camping cooler for food and drinks, the bigger the better as I usually go for four days
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Hi! Interested in any old PCs you might have hidden away collecting dust that you haven't recycled yet. I'm using an IBM from 2004 and it still works great and figured I would see if anyone has one or more they want to part with. Any brand is fine. Computer should still work, turn on, and have a power cord, but doesn't matter what version of windows or what software. I can give you direction on...
last weekArcadia, CA+15 milesFree StuffWantedReport Listing
I am a teacher in need of a rug nothing bigger than 4' by 6'.
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