Miniature Rex bunnies Teacup and Demi (his mom) love to be petted and Demi used to give the volunteers kisses. Teacup's papa must have had some Dwarf in him, because he's quite small. If interested in adoption, please fill out an application at
Small and friendly Dutch boy, he's a true catch, nice with people and other gentle house pets. If interested, please fill out an application at
Chubby Cheeks has blue eyes and a round little body and cheeks. He's a Dwarf blend, smallish but not tiny, and a good big personality. Full of energy, life and love, he just needs the space in your home to demonstrate what a happening boy he is! to adopt.
Eve has spent most of her life as a classroom rabbit and can get nervous around crowds and loud noises. Now that she has had time to decompress and her personality is starting to come through, she is turning out to be a very precious bunny. She still needs more socialization and love after the traumatic life she has come from. Would you be willing to help Eve on her journey? If you are interest...